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Identity Theft Protection  

Personal Identification Number

a key in the door of a metal safe Identity theft is no longer limited to someone using your name or social security number to commit fraud. In today's high-tech environment, the personal identification numbers or PINs that you use to access your various accounts at ATMs, point-of-sale terminals, or on the Internet are as much a part of your identity as your name. As an example, an ATM establishes the identity of the user solely on the card used and its associated PIN. The same is often true for point-of-sale transactions unless the clerk asks for corroborating identification such as a driver's license and compares signatures. (You should always sign the back of your credit/debit cards.) Another example of fraudulent PIN involves Internet banking. Recently, several members of a local credit union lost a reported aggregate $70,000 when a computer hacker was able to retrieve both account and PIN information through a bogus website that looked to be authentic.

The bottom line is this: protect your PIN just as you would any other piece of identification. This is why your credit or debit card and PIN are mailed to you separately and why you should never give your PIN to anyone. First Choice wants to firmly state that we will never ask members to divulge their credit card or debit card PIN. Nor will First Choice ask you for your Web banking password. The PIN and password are your unique keys that lock away your financial and personal information.

Anyone who receives any requests for confidential account-access information, Web-based or other, regardless of who is requesting the information, should consider such request as a fraudulent attempt to gain access to their account. Report this correspondence to your credit union immediately.

For additional information on identity theft and ways to avoid being victimized visit NCUA on the web or go to additional resources for links from this site. For information on our upgraded VISA® check card security measures aimed at reducing your exposure to identity theft, please click here