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Financial Partners

Kids and Youth

Consistent saving practices are important to teach our children. We make saving money exciting for our  Kid’s Club members. When your child joins Kid’s Club, they will learn that saving pays off in a big way. With their very own savings account, kids can watch their money grow like magic. Along the way, we will reward them for being good savers with prizes and an official First Choice Community Credit Union membership card.

  • Special “Kid’s Club” Savings Account
  • Money Market Accounts and Certificates
  • Membership Card


Navigating through college and managing finances isn’t easy. At First Choice, we will be here for you every step of the way! Our Student Memberships apply to any member enrolled in a full or part time program of higher learning, including undergraduate, graduate, and vocational schools.

  • Free Checking
  • Mobile Check Deposit
  • Home Banking
  • WebPay (Online Bill Payment)
  • VISA Debit Card
  • Money Market Account and Certificates

Young Adult

At First Choice Community Credit Union, we know that making new financial decisions can be a challenging experience. Whether you are in school, in the work world, or you are doing a little bit of both, First Choice is here to make the money part easier! With modern online and mobile banking features, we offer simple and smart options to fit the way you live and work.

  • Free Checking
  • Mobile Check Deposit
  • Home Banking
  • WebPay (Online Bill payment)
  • VISA Debit Card
  • Direct Deposit
  • Competitive New & Used Auto Loans
  • VISA Credit Cards and Personal Loans
  • “Your Choice” Special Savings Account
  • Money Market Accounts

Family Retirement

You’ve worked hard for what you have. It’s time to put your financial strength to work for you. You need to maintain your financial security, but you also want to take the time to enjoy life. From funding a family vacation to finally affording a boat or RV, First Choice is here to help you plan.

We offer a wide range of investment services and loans to suit our members’ needs as they grow and change.

  • Certificates for terms up to 36 months
  • Money Market Accounts
  • Rollover IRA Accounts to consolidate all of your retirement savings
  • IRA Savings Accounts